The climate of this part of the Altay range is humid continental, with relatively cold winters, warm summers, and precipitations all year around.

In winter, temperatures range from -5 to -20 degrees Celsius; in summer, they range from +20 to +25.

In the winter, with low humidity, no wind, and the strong sun, it feels no colder than winter in the Alps. Even on the colder, shaded sides of the mountains, it is still comfortable for skiing and boarding.

However, this is part of Siberia geographically, and occasionally, morning temperatures can drop to minus 25-30 Celsius. Once the sun’s up it ,gets warmer, and our guides will choose sunny terrain for skiing. Although such days are rare, being ready for these cold temperatures is a good idea.

During snowfalls, skiing and boarding is still very straightforward as we usually ride in the tree-line. There are enough reference points to aid visibility even on big fields and couloirs. Usually, you will ski the best deep and light powder on such days!