Altay Mountain Lodge & Yurts’ camp is likely one of the most comfortable of what can be achieved at a location deep in the mountains. The camp consists of three yurts for guests and staff, one dining room/kitchen yurt, Banya (bathhouse, similar to sauna) and sanitary block.

Yurts for guests are 50 square meters each, with four separate compartments and two beds in each compartment. The rooms are separated visually and slightly acoustically. Beds equipped with mattresses, bed linen and warm blankets. Yurts are heated by a modern wooden stove. There is enough space in each yurt for personal belongings as well as to store and dry your backcountry clothes and gear.

The dining yurt is 64 square meters, with tables, chairs, bar and some space for socializing. 

The banya (bathhouse or sauna) is a separate wooden building, able to be heated up to 80+C, to let your body and mind rest after a day of skitouring and be ready for the backcountry adventure tomorrow. Adjacent to it is a heated sanitary block with wash basins and four standard toilets.


We do our best to make the food and the skiing a remarkable part of your trip. Our chef decided to change the restaurants for our camp. And this means that you have best possible meals for such a location. Our menu is traditional Kazakh and Central Asia dishes with premium local ingredients and modern cuisine—nothing but an first-class gastronomic experience.

There are three hot meals daily (breakfast, après-ski soup and snacks, dinner) and sandwiches/muesli bars for mountain lunch. You can purchase alcoholic drinks at the accommodation for a reasonable price (beer, vine, liquors). If you prefer any other alcoholic beverages, you are welcome to bring them without charge.

Our chef can accommodate most of the dietary requirements and some food allergies. Our guests are asked to complete a registration form and mention any dietary needs so we can be fully prepared for your arrival. If no requests are received, a special menu is not guaranteed. 


The camp is located deep in the mountains, and we are proud to be able to provide proper amenities even in such a remote location.

There is electricity in the camp morning to late evening, with enough power to charge your devices.

There is no cellular connectivity where the camp is located, so you can go officially off-grid. But we do provide Internet connection good enough for email and most messengers to keep in touch with your family and friends and post some photos for them to envy. Of course, if you really want to go off-grid, we won’t share the wifi password with you.

We have a simple and reliable plumbing setup and there’s always fresh and warm water in the dining yurt, banya and the sanitary block.

The camp is well-equipped to self-sustain, including a small workshop, so we may be able to help even with fixing some of your equipment if required.


Logistic in the camp is based on modern, heavy-duty snowmobile Lynx Ranger with passenger and cargo sledges. We also use them to shorten the approach to the remote part of the valley and save time for powderskiing.