Altay Mountain Lodge & Yurts is located in the East Kazakhstan region’s southwestern part of the Altay Mountains. To be precise, the camp location is the valley of Bogdanikha river, with an elevation of 700 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains up to 1800 meters. 
This is an entirely new skitouring location on the world map. Our guides discovered the place some time ago, and few of them spent last winter there to get more information before we decided to set up regular operations there.

Our skitouring area is 25 square kilometers, and we plan to increase the zone in the following seasons. And there is nobody else who ski there besides us. Nobody has been, and nobody will. And this is not just private 25 square kilometers and 80+ recorded runs, but the best terrain in the region you only can get. Biggest drops, deepest snow, almost countless runs and terrain varieties. You can start your skitouring right from the camp or use a snowmobile to go deeper into the range and explore remote areas.
No other operation in the country (or even the whole Central Asia region) can match our exclusive terrain’s size, quality and variety.

Being part of Siberia geographically, place get early-season snowfalls that continue till mid-spring. Thanks to the local microclimate and steady, relatively cold temperatures, the region provides excellent powder skiing from mid-November to the end of March. 

Most of the time we ski in the treeline zone, with well sparse trees, open glades, and couloirs, but from mid-winter we have access to the alpine zones.
Runs – from 400 to 900 vertical meters, slope steepness from 25 to 40 degrees.